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Freezer rooms and chiller rooms can be constructed using a variety of insulation materials to suit temperature and fire resistance requirements. Refrigeration U.K tailor-made coldstores can be built to virtually any size and specification to provide a safe environment for all storage.

We offer a free Site Survey service for specific/awkward installations.

We also supply & install door, wall & product safety barriers to protect any item from damage by forklift trucks, vehicles or personal.

Strip curtains are also made to length & width to suit the location to help with keeping the cool in, & the heat out. Full energy efficient lighting is supplied & installed. Complete Shelving systems to help keep coldrooms tidy & safe.

See our services page for more information on items.

Refrigeration U.K have managed and installed coldstores for end users with a wide range of applications such as:

- Coldstorage – Large chiller and freezer installations

- Abattoirs and meat processing facilities

- Fish preparation and processing facilities

- Fruit storage and preparation

- Vegetable storage and preparation

- Food preparation and production areas

- Cleanroom environments

- Research laboratories

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